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The War Haven Print and Play is our chance to finally give something back to our wonderful supporters and fans :)

We are aware that many of you have been waiting a long time to get your hands on this game, so we want to make it available to you before we can even make a dime off of it!

The download above includes all of the materials needed to play a game of War Haven, all you have to do is Print (and Cut) and Play!

Though it is gameplay complete, the print and play may not be entirely representative of the final War Haven product. We have a little bit of tweaking left to do on the card designs, a few last illustrations to place, and the instructions manual is still a bit of a work in progress :P

We will continue to update the Print & Play as we move toward final release of the game, so please give us your feedback!



- all first edition War Haven cards

- card back print sheet

- instruction manual

- listing for 2 sample decks


- game board graphic

- privacy divider graphic

You Will Need:

- 2 six-sided dice

- 6 to 8 twelve-sided dice
  or a bunch of pogs
  (damage counters)

Optional files will be a pain to print, and are given primarily for reference. A folded out cardboard box works fine as a board ;)


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